Steak Night Menu ~ Sample Menu

Steak Night at the Ocean Restaurant.

3 courses for £16.95

2 courses for £12.95


Chef’s homemade Soup of the day
Riblets – half rack of ribs in a bourbon glaze
Loaded Potato Skins with bacon and cheese
Classic Prawn Cocktail


10oz char-grilled Sirloin Steak served with mushroom and tomato
12oz char-grilled Rib eye Steak served with mushroom and tomato (£3.00 supplement)
Char-grilled Gammon Steak served with fried egg, pineapple and grilled tomato
Char-grilled Sardines with olive oil and lemon
Whole Rack of Ribs with bourbon glaze
Greek Filo Parcels - feta cheese, spinach, olives and roasted mediterranean vegetables wrapped in filo pastry and served with a rustic tomato sauce

*All served with hand-cut rustic chips and side salad

Optional extras  
Homemade onion rings £1.75
Homemade coleslaw £1.75
Peppercorn sauce £1.50
Stilton sauce £1.50
Field and wild mushroom sauce £1.50

How do you like it?

Blue – very red, cold in centre
Rare – red, cool centre
Medium Rare – red, warm centre
Medium – pink centre
Medium well – slightly pink centre
Well done – cooked through, no pink
Frazzled – no trace of life! 

Selection of homemade desserts

Please ask to see a copy of today’s dessert menu


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